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Who is Princess Estie and the creator of Ignite Your Light Kidz?

The world’s very first Christian princess, Princess Estie, was created by and is performed by Whitney Lynn. “God spoke to me while I was at Disney World with my husband. I looked around and noticed all of the Disney princesses and all of the children idolizing them. I thought, why isn’t there a Christian princess? I’ve always loved Disney and always wanted to be a Disney princess, but the door for Disney never opened. I wondered if there was an artist out there doing concerts and programs just for children ages 1-7. It was then that the Holy Spirit flashed a light bulb in my head and told me that I am the one to bring the very first Christian princess to the world. Now, children will have a desire and excitement to become a Godly adult through fun and music and to have an actual role model to portray. When I was growing up, I dreamed of being like the great pop artists of that time - Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. Obviously, God had greater plans!” 

This bubbly and energetic, pink-haired Princess will surely attract attention as the TV show reaches a worldwide audience. Children across America will be mimicking Princess Estie’s values and fun-loving personality. However, that is not what is important to Whitney Lynn. She acknowledges the God-given calling she has on her life. "It is to reach souls for the kingdom of Jesus Christ," says Whitney Lynn. "More than anything, I want these children to put on the character of God and become a warrior for Jesus Christ. I desire for them to be raised up and have an uncompromising faith in Jesus, so when the days ahead grow darker and more dangerous, they will be able to stand and obey Jesus without fear or shame.”

What is Ignite Your Light Kidz TV all about?

In 2015, God gave Whitney Lynn a vision for a fresh, exciting, and unique musical for children that inspires biblical teachings. Princess Estie and her friends travel through various adventures and learn important, Godly lessons for life.

Whitney Lynn founded Ignite Your Light Ministries, a non-profit organization on November 23, 2015. The upcoming TV show, Ignite Your Light Kidz, was birthed in July of 2015 after a very disappointing meeting with a vice president at a Christian record label.

"Sometimes we think we know what God's will and plans are for us as we do things for the Lord," says Whitney. "For ten years, I had been chasing 'waterfalls' (TLC), believing music recording was the only direction I was supposed to go in. Finally, after the meeting of a lifetime, I thought it was my breakthrough. After the door shut, and the answer was 'No', I felt very defeated and depressed; but, out of my sorrow, God gave me a rainbow...this show. My life's purpose is not for my dreams to come alive, but for God's dreams to come alive to reach a lost world."



Ale the Lion

This lion is fun, energetic, and full of passion for stating our scripture of the day.

Angel Bee

Sister to the Bee Master. She was a part of the Singing Angel Bees and left to watch over her brother. She is always smiling, loving, and kind. She receives the special deliveries from Princess Estie to give to her brother. The acts of kindness fill up his hollow heart with love.

Bee Master

He used to be the Caretaker of all of the lands and a part of the singing angel bees, until he got jealous of the other bees, and fled from the colony. He lives in a cottage in the Dark Chocolate Berry Forest with his sister, Angel Bee. He has an empty, hollow heart, that, if acts of Kindness are given, his heart can again be full with love. Therefore, the light in the lands will return again.

Dark Harry

Human villain in the show who constantly tries to hurt Princess Estie but fails due to his clumsiness and goofy personality. He tries to be tough, but really isn’t. He has blue hair and a black cape. Moonkie is his “Bestie.” He was once the King of the Castle, until He was vanished into the Dark Chocolate Berry Forest forever by Queen Jackalina because of his pride and vain. He stopped caring for the people of Mushroom Candy Land and the Dark Chocolate Berry Forest, and was obsessed with his riches. Since he was exiled, he found nothing better to do than to cause trouble and make the Mushrooms of Mushroom Candy land do bad things to one another and destroy their light. He represents the devil and has an invisible cloak.

Deuce, The Monster

Blue small monster puppet who only comes out to sing songs about God. He lives in the Strawberry Forest, which is a very small area in the Dark

Chocolate Berry Forest that is “good.”


Queen Jackalina’s “Bestie”. He is silly and goofy and always repeats everything Queen Jackalina says. He lives in Mushroom Candy Land and giggles a lot.


A cute dog who helps Princess Estie.


The baby mushroom kid and super cute, full of the joy of the Lord and the sister of Sporalina.


She is super intelligent, spunky, and full of life. She is the older sister to Mushrooma.


He is very "matter of fact," states truth, and loves God's word.


She is the head, oldest mushroom kid and often very sleepy. She assists Queen Jackalina and Princess Estie often.

Queen Jackalina

(Represents the Holy Spirit)

She is the caretaker of the Mushroom kids and lives in Mushroom Candy Land. She is kind, sweet, and is always a comforter. She leads and guides everyone with truth, wisdom, and love. Queen Jackalina gives advice and peace to everyone who seeks it. She always speaks a word of knowledge or scripture to Princess Estie to help her win back the Kingdom and Lands to God again. Queen Jackalina loves to pray with Princess Estie and seek Estie when there is trouble in the land.


Villain in the show who gives Dark Harry a taste of his own medicine. Marilla is very bossy and demanding. She enjoys arguing her point and thinks she is always right. She is also Moonkie’s sister.


He is a blue monster who lives in the Dark Chocolate Berry Forest. He is Dark Harry’s “Bestie,”and personal evil sidekick. Moonkie has a sister named Marilla and is very rude. He always tries to disrespect, distract, and discourage Princess Estie.

Princess Estie

Played by Whitney Lynn, Hot pink haired, bubbly, happy, character who teaches about God and sings inspirational original kid’s songs. God chooses an average girl, Esther to enter a magical Portal in which she falls into Mushroom Candy Land and becomes Princess Estie. Throughout her adventures to spread the love of Jesus into the kingdom, she meets various characters, puppets, and villains who try to stop her from spreading the light.


Remmie’s “Bestie” who lives in the Castle with Remmie. They have been friends since he was a baby. She is sarcastic, but quirky and loves music. She usually helps to keep Princess Estie focused on the goal.


Princess Estie’s dragon “Bestie” who lives in the Castle. He barks like a dog and is always timid, silly, and mischievous. There are moments he makes mistakes and it is then Princess Estie corrects Remmmie and uses those times to teach the children valuable, moral biblical lessons. Watch as Remmie turns from green to orange in an act of heroism.

Purple Pony

She is super adorable and loves to dance!

What do our viewers think?

Hi all, this is a great show for young children its run on donations and is one of the few places not influenced by anyone. If you know someone with young kids you might want to pass this on.

Vincent Scanelli

All State Agency Owner, Colts Neck, NJ.

Hi! I would just like to say - wow! Your content is so wonderful. I think execute the Bible and God's lessons in really cute, quick, and fun ways! Although I am not a little child, I still find enjoyment in your content. It just makes me so happy to see you people making great content about our father God, and your videos deserve more views! I feel as though if little children were to watch your videos, they would we nourished with the love of Christ in a colorful, fun, and simple way! I also love "Princess Estie's" TikTok videos! They make me smile. No complaints :)

Kiera Noel


I have to say I love your kids ministry, and I watched your show on YouTube and I already finished it. I was wondering when you guys are going to make a second season of that thing. It is an amazing show. Please make a second season. I would really appreciate it. It has really touched my heart. I'm sure if I share the playlist to my Facebook page it'll touch the hearts of many others as well.



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